Donc vous êtes en train de refléchir sur votre strategie internet, et vous avez besoin d’un site inter / intra - net de bon qualité.

Nous vous proposons :

  • Un accompagnement dans la définition de vos besoins.
  • Un aide personnalisé pour choisir la meilleur solution web possible - (ex. solution personnalisé ou CMS) pour avoir la bonne interface qui sera facile à utiliser, qui répondera aux vos besoins fonctionnels et qui optimisera la retour sur investissement.
  • La création technique et design y compris la référencement.
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5 small things that will give your web template a much desired prefessional punch

Colors: We need to define one or two colors that will be main color/s of the website. Black and shades of gray can be used in addition to that. More than two colors can make a website look unprofessional – we need to be careful about that. Unless there is a real need, we should always go for a white … continue reading

WordPress’s Members List Plugin not showing all members

Recently I was moving a large member list from phpBB to bbPress, and installed the Member list plugin as it was looking nice in another site. After the intial css work, I realised that something was wrong, that out of 4000 members only 2 was getting displayed in the list. I decided to make this article as many or probably … continue reading

Facebook marketing secrets: keeping your group post at the top without creating a noise

If you are into Facebook marketing and you are wondering how to keep your post visible without repeating the same every day because your original post has pushed down a bit too far due to the newer posts, here’s a secret of Facebook’s database structure. One way to keep a facebook post visible and at the top, is to add … continue reading

Craigslist blocking / not allowing links

Found that Craigslist not allowing links. Earlier while trying to put a post with a link, I got this message: This posting is being blocked The following term(s) cannot be used: Many other possible reasons for blocking are listed in the Conduct section of our Terms of Use.[?] If you have reviewed our Terms of Use and … continue reading

How to keep the Calculate Shipping block of WooCommerce Cart always visible

I don’t know about you but I found that the hidden « Calculate Shipping » block quite annoying. It was more logical for me to keep this block always open. It’s just below the WooCommerce Cart, on the left of Cart Totals. This can be solved by a couple of quick changes. There are 2 files that we will change. \wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\assets\js\frontend\cart.min.js \wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\templates\cart\shipping-calculator.php … continue reading

Incorrect WooCommerce tax calculation: here is the fix

One of the problems that I came across while working with the WooCommerce plugin for Prêt à Porter Femme, webfront for a chain of Parisian boutiques that sell trendy women’s clothing was that the tax was getting collected wrongly. For example, if you are selling a product for 100 euros, and want to declare that as tax inclusive, set a … continue reading

How to turn off | disable the autopagerize | infinite scroll browser plugin for your wordpress blog

A guy I know came to me with a strange problem a few days ago. He told me that he is using an autopagerize plugin in his browser. It’s cool since it helps him to stop clicking « next » every time he finishes reading a page, like in Google search result, however, it is also auto loading his wordpress website’s pages … continue reading

Optimized e-marketing, ORM and better gestion for a higher ROI from your Paris hotel

Optimizing the marketing of your Paris hotel across the web means money. If your hotel’s average annual occupation rate is at 75%, a proper optimization can take this to 90 or 95% or may be even more. As a matter of fact, as we have seen in one of our previous articles that not all hotels are doing what they … continue reading

Brand visibility and Internet marketing: Power diffusion using forums, blogs and social medias

Well, both Pepsi and Coca are massively well known brands. Why do they still spend millions in adverts then? Because brand visibility is important, for small businesses to become big, and for big businesses to stay big. Smart businesses and their brand marketing managers therefore exploit all the opportunities to increase their brand visibility to the maximum. Forums are a … continue reading

Community management – an important step in internet marketing

One of the major tasks in Internet marketing is community management activities. Web based communities have exploded during the last 5 years and if properly managed, this can bring vital impetus to any businesses today. Community managers across the world today are constantly working to build, grow and manage communities around their brand or cause. The primary roles of an … continue reading