About me

Mon profil en français : Consultant web Paris

Need a website for your business ? Got a wonderful idea to create the next best thing of the web ? Call to get the best consultation. I am on Hire !!!

I am a Paris based versatile web professional (originally from the north east of India), living in France since 2003. My name is Sourav CHOUDHURY (Jeremy).

I have been autodidact in web, and learned through internet and books. Before converting myself in to the web industry, I did my masters in Anthropology (Bac+5) from the University of Delhi, India, and in France worked in the hospitality industry for a couple of years.

In web development,

  • I develop using php, supported by javascript, jquery, ajax, css, xhtml, mysql, etc. I started developing in the days of php4 and later initiated myself to object oriented php5. At present I use a mix of both, primarily because a lot of websites are still using php4 and they need support services.
  • I started developing websites using my custom made CMS for specific client needs. Different needs of different clients were bringing new challenges, and in the early days of development, it was highly interesting. I still develop custom made CMS for clients, depending on needs.
  • I also develop websites using open source CMS. I have mastered installing different CMS, modify them depending on customer’s needs using plugins and modules, apart from custom changes to meet specific and unique needs.
  • WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SPIP, OS Commerce, phpBB, Gallery2, are a few CMS that I have used already and I am studying Magento, EZ Publish and other growing CMS to use in near future.

In web marketing,

  • I have mastered search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
  • I have learned the art of positioning a website in the first page of Google by organic / natural optimization for most of the desired keywords.
  • I have learned promoting a product or service through forums, blogs, wikipedia and other social medias through communications.
  • I have also learned the art of optimizing keywords for paid search marketing, through Google adwords, Facebook advert placement, promotion through paid inclusion of links in blogs, forums and in other social medias.
  • I have learned reading visitor statistics, and to use the collected and analyzed data for future planning of the target product / website / service.
  • I know how to effectively use a mix of social medias and other web platforms to increase brand visibility and to develop e-reputation.

In web strategy and management,

  • Unlike the past, having a website is far from being the « everything » of a company’s web presence. Presence of forums, taking part effectively in different popular forums through proper posts, presence of blogs, taking part effectively in communicating with various blogs through comments, developing groups, pages and applications in Facebook and exploiting them properly, using groups in Google for benefiting one’s cause, creating and managing hubs and groups in Viadeo, developing communities effectively around a product / concept are all important parts of planning for a proper and effective brand visibility, e-reputation, and developing loyal and long term client base of a company through the web today. I can make these strategies for an effective web presence of a company.
  • Proper and cost-effective utilization of man power for managing one’s web strategies is very important, and something that gives us many choices today. Given the difference of cost of man power in countries like France, England and US, and in places like Africa, India and China, it’s always wise to outsource some part of the projects elsewhere depending on project characteristics. However, at the same time, it’s not easy to manage man power who are geographically far. I have knowledge and experience on this, especially with reference to India. We can also outsource some part of the projects to newly formed local companies and local freelancers and auto-entrepreneurs to cut off in house costs. I can help help building strategies for an effective manpower distribution for managing web projects, with a proper balance between in house development, outsourcing to local agents, and outsourcing to far off countries, depending on project needs with emphasis to minimize budget and maximize output while maintaining the recommended quality.

Among other things, I love community works, and I have created and manage www.IndiansInFrance.com, the first ever web platform for the Indian community of France which has close to 2000 members today and receives about 4000 unique visitors per month. I do a bit of photography, and write articles at times.

I am always looking for new, interesting, challenging projects. Feel free to go through my posts in this blog or to propose me a project if that suits my competence and is respectfully paid.