Drupal post installation tasks after a brand new Fantastico installation

Drupal version: Drupal 6.x

First installation using Fantastico

Fantastico is cool, but as it’s always the case, it never gives you the most recent update. Unlike WordPress, where most of the things are only a mouse click away, Drupal needs more post installation efforts.

To begin with, we will need to create (most probably) a php.ini file. To do that, open your favorite text editor, write register_globals = Off and save it as php.ini. Upload this to Drupal’s root directory.

Downloading the latest version

Now, from admin/reports/updates, let’s download the newest upgrade version to our computer.

Now if the installed version is not the newest version, which will be the case most often, we will start by creating a new folder in your computer called backup. Inside, download fantversion.php from your Drupal’s root directory.

Deleting the older version

Next, let’s go to the sites folder, and download the whole folder to our newly created backup folder. Change the permission of sites/default/ to 777 in the server.

Delete everything from Drupal’s installation directory. Once the older files are deleted, upload the new files downloaded before.

Uploading the recent version

From backup, upload fantversion.php to Drupal’s installation directory, and then upload backup/sites/ to sites/.

Next, let’s go to update.php, and follow instructions (generally that will mean to click on an upload button a couple of times)


That’s it. However, it was simpler since we are upgrading a fresh website. Any website that was already live once with data, will need more delicate handling.

Care to be taken for:

We do not upload modules to /modules.
Modules are to be uploaded to /sites/all/modules.

We do not upload themes to /themes.
Themes are to be uploaded to /sites/all/themes.