How to force www to the wordpress url

Forcing www to wordpress’s url is easy, and we do not need to tweak the .htaccess file for that.

Once logged in to the admin panel, we can go to settings > general settings (default submenu under settings), and then, change the fields « WordPress address (URL) » and « Site address (URL) ».

If we are thinking to force www to the url, that means both the above fields, WordPress address (URL) and Site address (URL) should show, and not Do the changes and save the page.

That’s it. Once the page is saved, we are logged out from the backend, since the url we logged into ( has been changed to by now.

As a test, rendez-vous at the front-end. Let’s go to the browser, type to the address bar and click enter. We will see that the address gets reloaded with the www appended to it, as