Setting up SPIP, the French content management system

So here comes SPIP, (Système de Publication pour l’Internet Partagé or Participatif) the French content management system. Little known to the outside world, this open source CMS is a very popular system in the French public offices. We will have to start by downloading the latest version of SPIP here, and we will choose the manual installation for this exercise.

Here is the screen that we will get once uploading the unzipped version via FTP to our server.

To move to the next step, we will go to the url /ecrire via the address bar of our favorite browser. We will do Next.

Next page is about filling up our database and ftp details, which we will do before moving towards the next step.

Let’s choose the database / set up a new database, followed by table prefixes in this page, and let’s do Next.

After filling up the required fields as asked above, let’s do Next. Important: please note down the Login and Password information somewhere, you will need that soon.

And voila!

So this is what we have in our private area at this moment. We will create a cookie here.

And the frontend has also changed it’s look by now.

The initial installation of your SPIP content management system is finished here. Feel free to browse across different links and sections of the private / administration interface to learn more about this wonderful light weight CMS.