How to get the Google xml sitemap for WordPress and overall SEO

Let’s go to add the required plugin. The way to do so would be to click on the « plugin » link of the left:

Next, let’s search for the proper plugin, let’s say « XML sitemap ».

So here is our plugin that we need to get the google XML sitemap.

Once we have found the required plugin, next step would be to install and activate the same. So we click on the « install now » link just below the title, and we click on OK when the alert box pops up, asking whether we are sure to install that plugin.

One the page reloads after we have clicked on the « activate link », we will see the XML-Sitemap link has beed added as a submenu to the end of our « Settings » menu. We click there, go inside the Sitemap building section, and build the sitemap by clicking on the appropriate link for the first time. Once a sitemap is build, google and bing are automatically notified.

We tweak with the settings a bit, like personally I do not need the gzipped file. For me, that’s it, I don’t need much tweaking below that, allthough there are plenty of options in that long page.

Next steps: add this sitemap to the wordpress website, and manually add the sitemap link to google.