Fidèle ou pas, Plus Belle la Vie and Jean-Pierre Vieville

Last month this famous French soap opera was speaking about the concept of honey trapping for the French market. Well, the concept is not new in the UK, nor in the US. But as it is often the case, everything starts with a delay in France. Like Drop Shipping, for example. A business concept well established in the UK and in the US, and yet to come into picture in France. I wish I had the money but surely someday some French web businessman will learn about this concept and will jump onto it. The concept is so mouth watering.

Speaking about the soap opera, Plus Belle la Vie, they promoted the concept last month through their program. A young couple, Djawad & Estelle, in that serial started a honey trapping agency called Being a web professional myself, I wanted to know who is owning the domain name in real life, after all. My first impression was that it would be the producers of the series Plus Belle la Vie. In reality, it was not. I found that a gentleman called Jean-Pierre Vieville from La Capelle Masmolene has purchased the domain name.

A second surprise. I was expecting it would be someone from a big city at least, if not the producers of Plus Belle la Vie. Now in that scenario, what would I think next? Well, that the person Jean-Pierre Vieville is probably a web professional himself. It was logical, for me. I was eager to know which web agency is starting the next honey trapping agency in France.

The first thing I found about him was his telephone numbers: 09 79 61 95 65 and 04 66 03 62 61, and his address: route de vallabrix, 30700 – La capelle masmolene. After further research, I found that the person named Jean-Pierre Vieville is not a web agency, but an artist. A photographer, a painter and owner of a site web called Another shock! It’s a shock because there are thousands of web agencies in France, and there are thousands of private detectives.

And the first person who jumped into buying a domain name of honey trapping after the concept was promoted in a soap opera is a painter from the south of France? Unbelievable! I got interested to learn more about this person. Something is wrong somewhere. I can’t be that wrong. So I continued my research on this person.

I found a photo of him next. He is perfectly bilingual, in English and in French, and he was born in 1951. I learned that this model cum photographer cum artist cum plastician has indeed remodeled himself as a webmaster, that he develops website professionally, for others, using different CMSs like Joomla.

So I was right, at least. It was not a simple artist who had purchased the domain name, Jean-Pierre Vieville is indeed an web agency. 🙂

What I could not find, however, is his legal status. His professional website was strange, without any SIRET or SIREN number. Neither his web agency is registered anywhere apparently. Hmmm … !!!

Me, however, later purchased a different domain name corresponding to the same industry.! Now, how’s that?