Setup MS Outlook to organize all your mails in one place

Do you use multiple email addresses? Do you need to login and logout multiple times each day to check your emails from different service providers? Microsoft Outlook provides an wonderful opportunity to regroup all your emails from different service providers in one single interface. First of all, Microsoft Outlook comes bundled with your Microsoft Office, so if you have MS Office already installed in your computer, you are already having Microsoft Outlook installed in your computer.

To locate your MS Office Outlook, follow this schema : Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Outlook Once you have found that, right click on it. Follow Send To > Desktop (create shortcut). Click that, this will create an icon of your MS Outlook right on your desktop, for all future use.

Next, once you are on your desktop, found the MS Office icon, and double click that to launch MS Outlook. Once MS Outlook is open, find Tools on top of the window, and follow Tools > Account settings.

You are now on the following screen. Click on the button New.

You get the following screen, click Next while Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP is selected.

You have the following screen now. Select « Manually configure server settings or additional server types » and then click on Next.

Check if the first option Internet E-mail is selected, and click next.

Finally, you are on the main screen where you will add all your login credentials to setup your email account with MS Outlook.

Let’s start. Information you will need here are:

Your name: Name as it will appear when you will send an email using this account. Put your personal name or business name, as you want.
Email address: Email address for which you are setting up this account. Say, we are setting up an account for, we will write this here.
Account type: Normally you should leave it at POP3, unless you have a different option.
Incoming mail server: Your email account provider must give this. In case of a purchased domain, this could be or, get it checked with your email provider. As per my server, it is
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): Your email account provider must give this. In case of a purchased domain, this could be or, get it checked with your email provider. As per my server, it is
Username: Write the full email address, like in this example
Password: The password for your email account, as you have set it, or as it was given to you.
Remember password: Keep it checked.
Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Keep it unchecked, unless this is true.

Next, click on Test Account Settings …

In case of any problem in the email address or password, you will get a screen like the following, check again the email and password here.

In case of any other problem, you will get an error screen that may look like any one of the two following error screens. In that case, check all the fields of the form. Error can come from anywhere, be sure that you have put every information correctly. In case of a need, contact your email provider or IT support guy.

In case if everything is fine, you will get the following screen, and you will get an email, on your newly created email account in MS Outlook.

Click close, and once you are in the previous screen, click on More Settings …

In the new screen you get, change the Mail Account information, to make it the same as your name (optional). Next, click on the Advanced button tab, in Internet E-Mail Settings screen.

The information above do not need to be changed. But still must know about the information, because, in certain cases, you may need to tweak with Incoming Server (POP3) or Outgoing Server (SMTP) ‘s default values, in case of any problem in configuring your mail account to Outlook, after getting the new values from your email address provider.

Else, this is the end of this tutorial. In the three following screens, click OK, Next, Finish, and Close to come our from these pop up screens. You can add as many email addresses as you want like this to Outlook, and you will be able to send / receive emails from / to multiple accounts using the same interface.

Hope it’s clear that you can click on the Send / Receive button on top of your Outlook window to update the send / receive mails waiting in the queue. Also, while writing a new message, in case you have already added multiple email accounts to your Outlook account, you will need to choose the « sending » account, else everything will be send from the default account.

1. The default email account can be changed by going to Tools > Account Settings. Once there, select the email account that you want to set as default, and then click on Set as Default.

2. To send email from an account of your choice, click on the Account button on the new message window, to choose the email account from where you want to send your email.