Spying a spy. Who’s behind 1detective.fr of Vivastreet!

Recently I was looking for a private detective for a project, and I went to Vivastreet to look for some corresponding announces. I clicked on a few link, but the one who was proposing payez le juste prix attracted more my attention. The post ends with the line Renseignements au 09 51 72 75 80 ou http://www.1detective.fr. Cool so far!

I went to the site and the first thing that caught my attention was it’s very amateur design. So ok, apparently the owner of this agency was not interested to invest on his website, and made this himself using some free website building tool. A quick check and I found it was Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder that he used to make the website. The second thing I wanted to know is name of the person who owns the detective agency.

And the suspense started right there. He has made the domain name ownership information « private ». So apparently, there was no way one could know who is the owner of that website. For some reason, he wanted to remain anonymous. However, at the same time he was not hiding who he was! CABINET ELUDIA was written with all capital letters at the bottom of the web page. It’s strange, because, if he did not want to hide who he was, why he went to pay extra money to hide the ownership of the domain?

I was browsing the source code, and at one place I found this email address > lecardez@eludia.com. So I have finally something more substantial to carry on my research. Eludia.com was not made private, and I have more things to learn there. First of all, the website was more professionally build. There were two names associated with this domain, Alain BERNIER and Miguel LECARDEZ. So this lecardez was the lecardez of eludia.com, as owner of the previously found email address.

I found Miguel LECARDEZ is an unmarried Franco-Spanish advocate (correspondence course) of 42 years living in Paris (Quartier Beaubourg). An animal lover, boxer and martial artist who also plays good piano, he is the director of this private investigator agency Eludia. That he also speaks very good Italian, at least moderate English (given that he also does business with people from the States), and he is pretty open minded.

He had however once a serious conflict with CDiscount over an online payment through Paypal and he did not hesitate to express is anger over this. And that the private detective Miguel LECARDEZ has also helped the police to catch a 56 years old thief in Paris. I also found that he is very internet friendly, and his posts advertising his profession as a private detective can be found everywhere across the internet.

The other person, Alain BERNIER practices as a private investigator and I found that he is also making some money from web related fields.

A resident of 11, Rue Paul Banos, Mont-de Marsan of the South Western France, he is the vice president of Syndicat Détective enqueteur privé France – Conseil National des Détectives, a Parisian association from 231, Rue Saint Honoré. What’s interesting, that at places his speaks about himself, Alain BERNIER, and he also speaks about the vice president of CNSP-ARP as the CTO of his web agency, as if they are two different person.

Here is an example: Le Directeur de la publication est Monsieur Alain BERNIER. Le responsable technique du site internet et du traitement des données ‘informatique est le Vice-Président du Cnsp-Arp. He made me confused for sometime, surely. I thought for time being that the CEO and CTO of the society concerned are two different people.

So that’s all for this article. It’s amazing, what all we can learn from the internet today. Isn’t it?