How to turn off | disable the autopagerize | infinite scroll browser plugin for your wordpress blog

A guy I know came to me with a strange problem a few days ago. He told me that he is using an autopagerize plugin in his browser. It’s cool since it helps him to stop clicking « next » every time he finishes reading a page, like in Google search result, however, it is also auto loading his wordpress website’s pages one below another.

Now I didn’t know what this auto-pagerize is. So I downloaded it from here to have a closer look. What I found was, it is loading the next page below the current page using some AJAXed technique, once I am coming at the end of my current page. So it is helping by saving a click each time at the end of a paginated section, and was useful if we are browsing Google’s image search page for example.

However, it was also an unwelcomed guest, in this case for a wordpress based website where user would preferbly want to keep the control of browsing at his hand. After some reading, i found that the autopagerize plugin is catching next page’s url (in case of wordpress) from it’s header section, from the line link rel = 'next' ... .

So stopping autopagerize to autoload next page at each page’s end was meaning to hide that link rel = 'next' ... line. In my case, I found it in wp-includes/default-filters.php. Around line 204, I had this line add_action( 'wp_head', 'adjacent_posts_rel_link_wp_head', 10, 0 );. I quoted this out, saved, uploaded, and autopagerize was now successfully disabled from this wordpress website.