WordPress’s Members List Plugin not showing all members

Recently I was moving a large member list from phpBB to bbPress, and installed the Member list plugin as it was looking nice in another site. After the intial css work, I realised that something was wrong, that out of 4000 members only 2 was getting displayed in the list.

I decided to make this article as many or probably most of you in my situation will come across this situation.

To understand the problem, let’s analyse their query.

select distinct a.ID from wp_users as a,
wp_usermeta as b 
where 1=1 and 
b.user_id = a.ID and 
a.ID NOT IN (0) and 
b.meta_key = 'last_name' 
order by b.meta_value asc

I got this by doing print_r($this) in wp-content/plugins/members-list/class/members.php.

In your case, it may be something else in the b.meta_key field depending on what is selected in your settings page.

How to fix this :

Check the page MemberList > Settings in your dashboard. Under Sort the members list originally by, chose something more neutral, like user name.

That’s it.