Brand visibility and Internet marketing: Power diffusion using forums, blogs and social medias

Well, both Pepsi and Coca are massively well known brands. Why do they still spend millions in adverts then? Because brand visibility is important, for small businesses to become big, and for big businesses to stay big. Smart businesses and their brand marketing managers therefore exploit all the opportunities to increase their brand visibility to the maximum.

Forums are a great way to increase one’s brand visibility. Promoting one’s business / website link in forum posts’ signature is an accepted forum attitude by most forum owners / moderators (at least) of the English speaking world. Business owners have long used forums to promote their business cleverly through their posts and also through direct advertising in forums.

Care should be taken while promoting products / services through forums because almost all forum has a zero tolerance principle towards spammers. You promote your cause, but don’t get branded as a spammer, that’s not good for anyone. Adding links to the signature has remained an accepted way of promoting, when it’s accompanied by valid, honest posts. Don’t post only for posting, post sincerely. Reply honestly to people and establish yourself as an expert of the domain you are handling.

In cultures where links in signature in forums are not accepted, creating multiple profiles with feminine user names and third party promotional techniques suit best. Paying for adverts in forums is also a good idea, they charge considerably less compared to an equivalent traditional media.

Blogs are another great method to promote your cause. To begin with, you can (or rather, you must) have your own blog and then you can leave comments on other forums to increase visibility of what you are promoting.

Social websites off late have become the trend of the internet. Facebook, for example, is a great promotional tool. Create your pages, groups, applications around your products and services, invite your friends, add your facebook like button in your website, and see visitors growing in your website.

Viadeo is also great where professionals from France (and now also from India and China) gets together for social discussions. Taking part in Viadeo groups and hubs, or even creating your own can give great boost to your business.

Don’t also forget Orkut, LinkedIn, Xing and other social networking websites to stay ahead in establishing and increasing your brand identity across the internet.