Community management – an important step in internet marketing

One of the major tasks in Internet marketing is community management activities. Web based communities have exploded during the last 5 years and if properly managed, this can bring vital impetus to any businesses today. Community managers across the world today are constantly working to build, grow and manage communities around their brand or cause.

The primary roles of an online community manager in the early days was probably first described by web strategist Jeremiah Owyang (Sr Analyst at Forrester Research: Social Computing) in November 2007.

  • As a community advocate an online community manager amalgamates in a target community as a trusted member and engages with customers in online communities, listens, understands and satisfies their needs. They take care that customers’ online grievances are not remaining unattended and preventing customers turning negative about a product, brand or company.
  • As a brand evangelist, a community manager promotes events and products to the members on the best interest of his company. He has already won the trust of his community and he promotes an interest by conversational discussion.
  • The community manager will be familiar to the tools of communication of today’s world, like blog, forum, facebook, twitter, etc. and will understand the language and jargon of the given community. He will mediate disputes, embrace (and in extreme cases, remove) detractors. He is also responsible for the editorial strategy and planning within the community.
  • The community manager will understand and evaluate the needs and requirements of the community, will be in touch with the planning and production team and will help designing and planning of new products (or in case of digital products, for the newer version).