Craigslist blocking / not allowing links

Found that Craigslist not allowing links. Earlier while trying to put a post with a link, I got this message:

This posting is being blocked

The following term(s) cannot be used:
Many other possible reasons for blocking are listed in the Conduct section of our Terms of Use.[?]

If you have reviewed our Terms of Use and believe you have not violated them, please file a report and we will review this block for possible removal.[?]

Craigslist readers strongly prefer not to see the same posting listed multiple times.

Please help us out by not overposting your listing.

Strange. This means, that Craigslist doesn’t like the URL shortening thing. Possible reasons:

  • They don’t want people to track clicks that posts are getting from their website, probably that might give some indication on craigslist’s userbase ? This is the most logical explanation I thought.
  • They don’t want people to hide porno / malware / affiliate links using ? Sounds good, but what difference that would made to craigslist or to users realistically speaking. Improbable to me unless we can justify that with some logic.

Their policy might change later. But for the moment, this is a real hindrance to people who are into social internet marketing. I really would love to see easy statistics of my links that I post in Craigslist / Facebook and other places – was great for that.