Facebook marketing secrets: keeping your group post at the top without creating a noise

If you are into Facebook marketing and you are wondering how to keep your post visible without repeating the same every day because your original post has pushed down a bit too far due to the newer posts, here’s a secret of Facebook’s database structure.

One way to keep a facebook post visible and at the top, is to add new replies to that. One of the popular ways of doing this is to write up … and on submit the post is again visible at the top of the group wall. This is good and effective, however, at one point we look cheap doing this repeatedly, and we end up giving an image of trying too hard. This effects our internet credibility negatively.

There’s however, another way. There is another way of keeping a post visible towards the top of a group wall, without repeating that visible up …. The secret lies in Facebook’s database structure and their code logic. Though all of us know that a new reply ensures a post to be pushed to the top, many of us don’t know that while pushing a post to the top, facebook don’t do it by checking the newest reply. What is checks, is the last modification datetime.

To put this into practice effectively, we can just reply with a dot [.] to an existing post, which will push the post to the top. We can then, as soon as the page charges, delete the dot [.]. This will make this manipulation almost invisible to most of the users of the group, and this will still push our post at the top of the wall.

And yes you are right, deleting a post’s reply doesn’t modify the last modification datetime field.