What’s online reputation management (ORM) all about ?

You like it or not, you believe it or not, people are often typing your name in Google to learn more about you. e-reputation, or online reputation is what people are getting out in SERPs in return. Online reputation management or ORM is thus how you are controlling the outcome of such results.

Online reputation management is more than just personal branding. ORM is also about product branding. E Bay and Amazon are two best examples of how they use e-reputation of products through other people’s comments, to influence us in our decision while buying a specific product. When we go to a website like Rue de Commerce or C-Discount, we surely see what other people are saying about a product, and rarely we buy a product which gets too many negative comments.

Online reputation management has a three dimensional goal:

  1. To monitor one’s online reputation
  2. To counter negative reputations with more positive ones
  3. To build positive reputations around the person or the product

Now, who are typing your name? If you are an individual, that might be your potential employers to see how useful you can be for them, that might be your current employer to keep an eye on you, that might be your girlfriend’s family who want’s to dig more about you. They can be your friends, your potential business partner, anybody.

If you are a business owner, they are your potential clients, potential business partners, potential whole-sellers!

Not taking proper care of one’s e-reputation is about loosing thousands of euros of potential income that the next job could have brought you, or loosing important business contracts, loosing sales, and so on.

In today’s changed world where Internet has become more than a hard reality, investing on developing one’s online reputation has thus become a vital necessity.