Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) are concepts that one learns with experience, and it’s all about how well one’s website can be positioned in the internet to increase its visibility. There are ways of doing that, including (but not exclusively) :

  • Positioning one’s site in Google’s unpaid search (natural search engine optimization).
  • The paid CPC (cost per click) search where the client pays for each time a visitor clicks on client’s website. The two biggest players who offer this opportunity are Google and Facebook.
  • The paid CPM (cost per thousand impression) search where client pays for each thousand times his link was flashed in media’s webpage, irrespective of whether links were clicked or not. Facebook is leading this market.
  • Including one’s link in articles, blog posts and forums around the web.
  • Increasing visibility through creation of video presentations.

The idea of SEO / SEM remains increasing the visibility of a website, or flashing website’s link in the most number of strategic places across the web. The most widely used, of course because of the cost issue, practice thus remains to optimize a website for natural site engine optimization, where website appears in the first page of Google when a visitor does a related search.