Cost per click (CPC) VS. cost per mille (CPM)

In respect to paid search engine optimization, the two basic things clients may want to understand are CPC and CPM. CPC, or « cost per click » method is based on the principle that client pays each time someone clicks on their links, published by Google, Overture (Goto / Yahoo), Facebook, etc. in their search pages and other strategic places across web and with email (concept of adsense).

In CPM, « cost per mille » or « cost per thousand impression« , the number of clicks by visitors are not taken into consideration, but what matters is the number of times your link appeared in their webpage. Facebook is the market leader in « cost per thousand impression« .

Clients need to often decide which one to choose, CPM or CPC, or which returns a better ROI. If we go by the law of average, both should return the same ROI, but the small trick here is to choose an advertisement program depending on your type of product / service. There are certain products where you will want visitors to come to your website to understand what’s happening, and visitors won’t understand a thing without going inside the website.

Again there are other type of announces where you don’t need really people to click on the link to make it efficient. In this, probably you will want a CPC, whereas in the previous category a CPM might be better. Having said that, it must also be understood that a good search engine expert will adapt to situation, will vary / modify his techniques depending on whether it is a CPC or CPM.

In CPC, you want people to get the information, without clicking. So if you are advertising yourself as a search engine optimizer, your advert title can be « SEO / SEM expert since 10 years in Paris: 06 67 14 65 97« . With this title, a visitor will not always click on the link before to contact you, and you get a better ROI.

However, if you are into CPM, you don’t pay more if visitors are clicking on your link. You want people to come to your website, see your work, and call you. Your strategy is different here, for a better ROI. You will want a catchy line here, what provokes a click from visitors. You want people to get a first positive impression on what you are offering before to contact you.

Your link will always come on a search engine optimization / marketing related web page, but your advert title here could be « Helping websites getting better ROI since 10 years« .