Defining a budget for your search engine expert

In case client is going for a paid search engine optimization, he will define a budget that he will pay to the platform provider, like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Voila etc. The budget will be defined by the client and the SEO expert together, keeping in mind different variables. However, this article is about defining a budget for the SEO expert.

A good search engine optimization needs a lot of experience, research, time and efforts. The task of search engine optimization can be divided in two parts. There will be a period of extensive work in the first part, where the whole thing will be studied, the site will be restructured if necessary, suggestions will be given to the client, etc. Once this first phase is over, the second phase will be about regular audits, small maintenance works, etc.

The first phase for a natural optimization needs about 3 to 4 days of work for a small to medium sized website. For bigger websites, this can take longer. The first phase of a paid optimization will take around one day. Once the first phase is finished, a regular professional help of at least one day a month is strongly advised.

You will have to make a budget keeping these on mind. Depending on the country you are living, experience of the person, and brand name of the enterprise you are hiring from, the rate will vary widely. You may get someone for as low as 100 euros a day, to someone as high as 1000 euros a day.

For example, in France the daily rate of a person for this type of job starts from around 300 euros a day and should not go beyond 500 euros a day, unless you are hiring someone from a big agency. So if you are going for a good SEO job in France, a natural search engine optimization will cost you around 1000 to 1500 euros for the first job (audit, remaking your website, fixing and implementing basic strategies, etc), and then around 300 – 400 euros a month.

Less than that amount won’t mean a serious work. You will either get someone who doesn’t know what he is doing and want somehow to break into, or you will get companies doing rapid bulk work without giving attention to details. Simply because, someone good at doing this job won’t work for less than 30 to 50 euros an hour. The rest is mathematics.

If you want my services for an audit and optimization of your website, you have my contacts in the contact page. Don’t forget you provide your website address (http:// …) along with the email, and information on what you are looking for, a natural search engine optimization, or a paid (adwords, facebook, etc) search engine optimization / marketing.