Example of a natural search engine optimization

Here is an example of natural site engine optimization. Let’s take the website IndiansInFrance.com for a case study. I have naturally optimized this site, and here is the result. This site appears in the first page of Google for the following search phrases (list non exclusive).

  1. Indians in France
  2. Indians in Paris
  3. Indo – French cultural exchange
  4. Indo – French relations
  5. Indo – French dialogue
  6. Indian recipes France
  7. Indian recipes Paris
  8. Indians in Lille
  9. Indian festival in Grenoble
  10. Indian classical dance Paris
  11. Indians in Strasbourg
  12. Indian Grocery Stores in Lyon
  13. Indians in Montpellier
  14. Indian community in Montpellier
  15. Indian community in Paris
  16. Gujarati Garba Paris
  17. Bengalis in Paris
  18. Indians in Toulouse
  19. Holi France
  20. Holi Paris
  21. Diwali France
  22. Deepavali Paris
  23. Indians in Grenoble
  24. Indians students Paris
  25. Indians in Lyon
  26. Indian temples in Paris
  27. Indian temples in Lyon
  28. Indian translation Paris
  29. India France marriage
  30. India France association
  31. Indians in Blois
  32. Table de discussion Hindi
  33. Jour Indienne
  34. Indians in Brest
  35. Indians in Bretagne
  36. Gujarati natak France
  37. Gujarati culture France
  38. Indians in Bordeaux
  39. Indians in Avignon
  40. Indians in Montpellier
  41. Indians in Marseille
  42. Indian restaurant in Marseille
  43. Indians in Aix-en-Provence
  44. Indians in Nice
  45. Marathi in Paris
  46. Indo french relation
  47. Indo french cultural exchange
  48. Indo french wedding

And there are many more. Natural search engine optimization is an art few has mastered, or even understood. Trick here is to go inside the mind of Google’s engineers, to see what exactly they are cooking, what criteria they are choosing while ranking a site in their search results. Given that search engine ranking is done using man made software, it’s possible to decode the trend, the algorithms Google engineers use to rank websites.