Follow up and surveillance

So one fine day you managed to rank your website to the first page of Google. You found your place by pushing out some other website, who lost out to you in the competition of search engine ranking. You are happy because, you, along with your SEO expert have managed to win this game, your website is in the first page of Google, for your desired search term now.

But wait, does this mean that no other website, including that what has been pushed out, are not trying to get a place in the first page of Google for the same keyword? The answer is, yes, they are. Being in the first page of Google is a fierce and constant competition among SEO experts of the highest level, where anyday anybody can overtake another to assure its place in the first page of Google, for a given keyword.

Are you still asking yourself whether you really need a follow up and surveillance of your website by an expert SEO?

But there are other reasons as well! Google changes its principle of algorithm, the basis on which websites are ranked for a given search keyword. One such change can throw your naturally optimized website from the first page to the nth page. For adwords users, any time any website can push you out from the first page by bidding more money.