Google adwords vs Facebook adverts

For those deciding to go for paid search engine marketing, and if they know what’s happening around in the web, one question they surely ask themselves, is what to opt for, between Google and Facebook! There are plenty of news around, like Facebook is getting bigger than Google, etc. but what does this mean for an advertiser? Should a client go for Google adwords, or Facebook adverts? Or probably both – given that they are two biggest players of the web today?

The real answer is, they are not yet competing each other. They are different, they have subtle differences in regards to web marketing. Facebook for example, is offering targeted marketing. A client may choose the target population for his advert, like age, sex, place, etc. In Google, this is not possible, all you can choose is the place, and that’s it.

That way, if the client has a product that is addressing a specific type of clients where we know the age group, sex and region of the target client base, Facebook, may be a better option. However, one inconvenient here for Facebook for the moment is it’s user base’s age group. Facebook is still catering to a younger population. Average age group of Facebook’s population tends to be higher than MySpace, but still lower that Google. Google is for everybody, from 9 to 99 – it doesn’t has an age group.

This will mean that, if client is marketing a product that is meant for college / university going students, girls and / or boys, and who resides in a given place, Facebook could be a better option for a better ROI. However, if client is marketing a product for menopause ladies, or 40 something office goers, or where age / sex doesn’t matter, Google might be a better option.

Another difference is that Google’s database relating to what people are searching is huge compared to Facebook. Thus, Google can give a much better suggestion on what people are searching and looking for. For keyword guide, Google will thus won with a big margin. And probably for this reason, Facebook has still kept it’s cost below that of Google. This means actually the cost of campaign will be cheaper for a client in Facebook, provided it has the client base, our client is looking for.

One more advantage with Facebook is that Facebook is also offering CPM campaigns, thus if you are attracted by that, you will be going to Facebook. In summary, Facebook has a cheaper cost, younger and specifically targeted population, whereas Google offers a vast database of keyword suggestions and a population base that welcomes everyone irrespective of their age.