5 good search engine optimization (SEO) practices

1. Strategy: Strategy making is the first step while planning for optimizing a website for Google’s organic or natural keyword ranking. Every site is different, it deals with different products or services, it’s target customers or visitors are different, they do not always aim to attract people from the same geographical location, or age / sex combination.

Depending on what a given website is looking to achieve, one needs to make strategies for its SEO. Hence understanding a site’s targets and goals become the first thing a good SEO needs to decipher.

2. Architecture: A site is not only a few pages made using a free web based services and free templates. A good website is much more than that. It’s an interface between a business owner and his potential clients. Its a market place where potential clients can be fetched into, and where the business men will display his products and services.

And for that, a website must have an impeccable architecture behind, that’s pulls it from the jungle of thousands of website to the first page of Google. A bad architecture means bad SEO, and hence, bad business.

3. Textual balance: Now a day we speak a lot of keywords, key phrases, etc. But are we speaking enough about the right balance between keywords and other non-keywords? Do we know that staffing too many keywords in a website can result into a penalty from Google, that the website can go out from Google as a result?

Finding the right balance is extremely important. It’s about putting your website to the first page of Google, not to penalize it from out of Google. It’s not a « hit n try » game, it’s your business we are dealing with.

4. White hat SEO: Of course, a good SEO will never practice black hat SEO techniques. True that black hat SEO techniques can give you faster result, but it’s also true that many websites across the globe are getting blacklisted by Google for adopting a black hat SEO technique.

A white hat SEO expert will never suggest you the « black » techniques. We want you to be in the first page of Google, and stay there as long as possible.

5. Involvement: A good SEO expert will always involve his client in the development of a good SEO strategy. There can not be a ethical and efficient SE strategy where client is not involved. First, the client knows his business much better than the SEO expert. And then, there are things like the relevant content development, that the client can always do much better than any SEO expert.

Having said that, we also need communication and involvement of both parties here. The client will know « what » and the SEO expert will know « how ». Together, with a proper involvement and coordination between the two, we will get the golden result.