Steps for an organic search engine optimization

Organic or natural search engine optimization, called réfèrencement naturel in French, means optimizing one’s site in a way where the site comes in the first page of Google for specific strategic keywords. It’s free in the sense that you do not pay anything to Google for appearing in the first page, all though you do pay the guy who does the work to bring your website to the first page of Google.

Now, Its a long and ongoing process. The main work flow for a natural search engine optimization goes this way.

  1. Audit : To check current visibility of the website in different search engines, for different strategic keywords. To study website of the competitors, to study their design, their architecture, their SEO techniques.
  2. Strategy development : To analyze how the quality of client’s website can be improved vis-à-vis the competitors, and what other search engine optimization techniques could be employed to come in the first page for desired keywords.
  3. Restructuring website : Client’s website is restructured, if necessary from scratch, to make the most search engine friendly code possible. Idea is to make the website « seriously serious » for search engine bots.
  4. Counseling client : A prescription of what to do and what not to do is then suggested to the website owner. A good search engine optimization demands regular maintenance of the website, where a part is done by the website owner.
  5. Visibility building : Emphasis is given to increase the visibility of client’s website, including link exchange, link purchase, backward linking, etc.
  6. The extra plus : Depending on the budget of the client, extra things can be done, like value building through news and articles, small video presentation and their strategic diffusion, etc.
  7. Surveillance : Any website needs a regular surveillance for a proper and optimal search engine optimization. One needs to keep an eye if Google is changing any of its ranking principle (which does change time to time), how well the competitors are doing to promote their websites, and depending on the changes in the immediate environment, bring about necessary changes in client’s website.
  8. Personal plus : Not every knowledge is open to public for a mass reading. Apart from what is told above, which is more or less well documented across the internet, there are personal know-hows which are rather kept as trade secrets. The good point for a client is that, he gets the benefits of those knowledge when he / she hires a professional search engine marketer / optimizer.