Optimize cost per click advertising

Given that the CPC (or sometimes also called PPC, pay per click) or the cost per click is one of important web marketing tools for any serious business house today, it’s important that this is used in the most optimized way to maximize the ROI.

Structure of a good Google adword

A Google adwords advert has three visible things which you can optimize. The title, the description, the web address.

  1. The title : Attempt must be that the title matches with keywords search, or at least some of keywords searched must match with the title.
  2. The description : To staff the maximum number of key concepts user might be looking for in these two lines.
  3. The web address : A clean and friendly web address.

Optimization before click

Given that you are paying each time someone clicks on the advert, one of your first aim to optimize the ROI would be to make the client contact you even before to click the link.

Adding your telephone number in the title, or at least in the description of your adwords campaign will result in some people calling you directly without clicking the link. People must get an idea of what the client is offering, and a contact number, even before to click on the link.

Optimization after click

The landing page in a Google keyword need not be the same as the visible url. In fact, landing page is often different in accordance with the keywords targeted.

It’s extremely important to choose the right landing page while preparing the Google adwords campaign. A visitor, if doesn’t feel that he is in the right page within 2 seconds of clicking, may hit the back button and go for other links. Click vs. conversion rate will decrease drastically in such a case.

If your website is proposing more than one product / service, your landing page must be the same as what is offering the same product / service as in the search. Doesn’t matter even if it is not the home page.

Optimization of keywords : The match type game

While optimizing keywords to get the best ROI, « match type » is another interesting option to play around. There are four types, exact match, phrase match, broad match and negative match. Understandably, Google uses different search algorithms for each of the three match types. To understand, let’s take example of a virtual website owner who sells blackberry cell phones from his website.

  • Exact match type : « blackberry » for someone searching for the exact match, « blackberry ». Will not match with « blackberry chargers » or « blackberry case »
  • Phrase match type : « blackberry », will match for blackberry, red blackberry, blackberry chargers, blackberry case.
  • Broad match type : « blackberry », will also match cell phone.
  • Negative match type : « used », will not match with « used blackberry ».

Bidding and match type : For a good ROI, a properly selected match type is important. We must also know how to put the bid for these different match types. For example, if we see that the bid for « blackberry » is going at 4 euros a click, we can try 4 euros for exact match, 2 euro for « blackberry » phrase match, considering people might search for « blackberry torch » or « blackberry curve« . We want to have them as well. Next, we will try to bid 50 cents or 1 euro for broad match, because, we will also want to have people looking for « buy mobile phone online« .

Follow up and surveillance

There are many reasons why an adword campaign requires a regular surveillance.

  1. Click fraud : Unfortunate it may sound, but click fraud is almost established today as a fact. People are paid to click on a link, who will come and click just for the sake of clicking, and here you are paying for each clicks.
  2. Competitors : A sudden increase in the number of competitors can make your advertise looking insignificant and lost in the crowd. Competitors may also invest more, pushing down your website.
  3. Change in keyword trend : The trend of keywords typed by people may suddenly change abruptly. This may be due to sudden introduction of a new concept in the mass media, or a simple change over time.
  4. Unqualified traffic : A bad ROI or ROAS may be due to too many unqualified traffic. People may be looking for something similar, but not exactly what you are offering.

The importance of a regular surveillance of your web advert campaign becomes so important for these and many other reasons. The job of your search engine expert becomes this, to keep an eye on the global functioning of your ad campaign, and take corrective measures as and when necessary.