Paid search engine optimization

Paid search engine optimization, like the unpaid one, needs it’s share of research, but the result is much faster, sure, and overall easier. It’s easier since one doesn’t need to figure out what he needs to do to break into Google’s first page, Google itself explains this to increase it’s revenue. For Facebook ads as well, there is abundant resources to dig deeper.

  1. Audit : To find out the most searched keywords for the given sector. Identifying keywords become the most important part of this process, because we are going to bid on them.
  2. Strategy on click vs impression : To study how competitors are doing, to analyze what would give a better ROI for the given service / product.
  3. Defining budget : Defining budget is important. We need to see how much competitors are paying for the bid, and depending on that, we will have to make a strategy on our budget. If client want, we may keep an open option, that will generate unlimited visit, or put a cap of a certain amount of euros a day.
  4. Surveillance : We need to keep an eye on the statistics, clicks, visits, etc. vis-à-vis the increase of business of the client. To modify strategy accordingly.