Paid vs natural search engine optimization

What’s good with a paid search engine optimization

Paid search engine optimization has its own advantage. Among other things, it’s something sure. Unlike natural search engine optimization, where result is not guaranteed but a result of fierce competition among SEO experts, paid search engine optimization is sure, you bid higher, and get into the first page.

Page search engine optimization is also faster. Unlike natural search engine optimization that takes often months to bring a website to the first page of Google search, in paid search engine client’s website is in the first page of Google in less than 24 hours.

And then, you have more choice in paid search engine optimization. As long as you have a pocket deep enough, theoretically speaking you can choose as many keywords as you want, besides choosing your own exact keywords.

However, like the two sides of a coin, paid search engine optimization has it’s own share of negatives as well, as compared to the natural search engine optimization.

What’s good with natural search engine optimization

To begin with, it’s much cheaper. In the paid search engine optimization, it can be easily 500 euros or more per month for one keyword, multiplied by the number of keywords you want to optimize your site for. In natural search engine optimization, you improve the quality of the site globally, and you always target at least a few words at the same time. Your monthly investment is several times less while you work on your website to develop it for natural search engine optimization.

Natural optimization is also more durable. In a paid program, your site is visible with a Google search as long as you are paying. The moment you stop to pay, your site goes out of the Google program. In a natural search engine optimization, even when you stop to pay for maintenance to your SEO expert, depending on how long and how well your website was maintained, it will keep it’s search engine ranking for sometime, and will degrade gradually.