Add Titles, Subtitles and Credits to your video using WMM

Window’s Movie Maker, or WMM is a wonderful tool which is probably already in your computer, and if not, you can easily download from the Microsoft’s Movie Maker download page. You have a detailed explanation here in this link, but let’s have a quick work overview here.

To begin with, you will find it in Start > Programs. Right click and Send to desktop to create a shortcut. Double click to open – you will get a screen similar to the above at this moment.

Under Capture video panel of your left, click on Import Video. Point to be noted that you are not going to open your video here, you are going to import your video here.

Once your video is imported, you will get a screen similar to the above. To be noted that your video can be in one single piece, or distributed over a few pieces as in this example.

Now, we are looking to do three things here. To add some title at the beginning of the video, a credit at the end of the same, and a subtitle giving you credit all along the movie.

Adding Title at the beginning of the movie

What we are basically doing here, we are adding a small piece of video before the original video, and put them together so that the original video starts just after the Title video.

Go to Titles and Credits either via the Edit Movie section of your left panel, or through Tools of the top menu.

You are now in the screen above. Choose the first one, to add a title at the beginning of the movie.

Let’s write Web design tutorials at the top, and at the bottom panels, and we will get what we see in the blue screen as the Title of our movie.

Feel free to click on the two links « Change the title animation » and « Change the text font and color« . In the first one, we can choose the text display and animations. In the second one, we can choose background and foreground colors, transparency, text size, etc. Once you are sure of what you you want, click on Done, add title to the movie.

You will see that the newly created piece has been added at the beginning of the movie.

Sub titling the movie

We are now going to select all on the top panel (control + A), let’s say at P1, and drag them all to the bottom panel, let’s say p2. We will see that our newly inserted movie clips has been added after the title clip we created earlier.

We are again going to Titles and Credits, and then manually select the movie clips of the bottom panel (P2). We are then selecting Add title ON the selected clip. We add, say, there as our subtitle, and then click on the link Change the title animation. There, under Titles, one line – we have a choice: Subtitle / Subtitle at bottom (Overlay).

Once selected, we will look back at P2, the bottom panel, Title Overlay, and will click, select, drag the first frame already created there, till the end of the movie. We are going to click on Done, add title to the movie again at this moment.

Adding Credits at the end of the movie

We are going to Titles and Credits once again, and selecting Add credits at the end of the movie. We will fill up as usual, Title animation and Colors and Sizes a bit, before committing to Done.

Finishing and saving the video

Under 3. Finish Movie of our left panel, we choose Save to my computer, and follow screen instructions. Our video is now ready to be inserted into Youtube and DailyMotion.