How to upload a video to Youtube < 2 GB

This is a tutorial for uploading videos having a size of less than 2GB

You need to have an account in youtube to upload videos in the website. And since Google has purchased youtube, good thing is that you can even sign in using your Google account for uploading videos to youtube. In any case, you start with clicking the link « Upload » as seen in the image above.

In case you are not yet logged in to youtube, you will be taken to the above page for logging in / create a new account in case you don’t have one.

In case you are logged in to youtube, you get the screen above by clicking on the upload link above. As you can see here, uploading a video is as easy as 1 2 3 ! Click the big yellow Upload Video button, browse and upload your video file.

The screen changes to above as soon as your video starts uploading. Fill up Title, Description, Tags, Category and Privacy, and you can save changes.

Once your video is uploaded, you will get the confirmation message as above. That’s it.