Youtube’s advanced video upload using Java > 2 GB

As you can see the above Advanced Java upload facility can be used to upload video files larger than 2 GB (the upper limit being 20 GB).

Large files take long time to upload, and there is always a chance of getting disconnected, especially in places where they don’t have the high speed broad band connection. This Advanced Java technology helps in the way that in case you are disconnected in the middle of an upload, the upload can resume exactly at the same point where user was disconnected, so that you do not need to restart once again.

As in the picture above, you click on the link Try now.

In case you don’t have the required Java installed in your computer, you will get a screen like above, where you must authorize the Java installation by clicking on the proper button.

However, don’t get foxed. The difference between the two initial screens are almost non visible. The first time I tried this, I kept clicking on the Try now button hoping to see a different screen.

The rest is identical to the previous tutorial about uploading video to youtube. Cheers.